Saturday, September 02, 2006

A letter (Of My confession)

For you my dear,

I love thee My G

I don’t know if I can survive or not.

I wish there is no space between us, no distance.

“I love you” its not just enough. Now the touch!

I just want, we belong together forever.

That’s all.

I wish we can still have one chance to change it.

To explore ourselves

Where is the love? To find out if we’re in love or not.

Or we just in sex.

I hope we can find out the best for us.

I need you.

Wish that we can have a closed relationship.

Just the two of us. Build our own life.

Together we faced all the things in this life.

All the thing they said impossible

We can make it

By showing our power of love.

Share the sorrow and happiness together.

By the end…

I just let my self drowned and let the time killing me

To raised up

And become the new one with true love!

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